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3 years ago
the guy is an idiot, he needs to go slow until she relax her anus and reach pleasure... he just wanna destroy her ass cuz hes an idiot
Tampavalet 2 years ago
Dam that bitch done fucked everyone in Tampa and gave them STD'S. She came from Venezuela. This girl isn't right. Sleeping with married men, underage guy's, older guys double her age. Causing men to lose jobs and marriages. Multiplesex partners, passing around STD'S. Manipulative. Scandalous. She hustled the shit out my boy Jon for those papers. Scaring people like it was a hobby.
3 years ago
Nothing good happens till 58:18. The rest of the video is a waste of time.
Rosa melano 3 years ago
Ese Man es re gay
2 years ago
Her Name Please......???
3 years ago
How can u have plaeasure by hurting a woman
sussage 2 years ago
total waist of time. its either your fucking her ass or your not. for almost an hour they spent more time playing thier dick that fucking the damm girl... you've got a pussy and a willing ass in front of you and all you doing is ferking your dick... I nothing seems more gay than that
que malo es el bato 3 years ago
Truth hurts ? 2 years ago
Stick to fucking your pillow dude, because you have no idea what you are doing.., Probably one of the worst videos I've seen with such a Badass Girl,and 2 idiots that don't know what to do with it ️
dayana 3 years ago